Minimum Educational Requirement For HVAC Jobs

Posted by – August 12, 2013

New jobs are popping up all over the country,, especially since the economy has begun to heal itself from within. While this truth brings on a large number of possibilities for people, it is also important that those who are looking for jobs be as selective as possible. There really is no reason to jump headfirst into a career just because there are options available to them. With that said, one of the most important and highest-paying jobs More…

Top Salaries For People With HVAC Training

Posted by – June 26, 2013

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning engineering is a highly specialized field which is in demand throughout the year, especially in warm or humid parts of the country. Many people enter into this field with little to no training, and are easily able to acquire the experience they need to turn it into a successful career.

An entry level HVAC job is usually called a helper or rough-in. These workers are paired with experienced technicians or installers to learn more about HVAC systems and how they work. These employees will learn about both installing HVAC systems More…

What Kind Of Things Do HVAC Technicians Do?

Posted by – May 11, 2013

Since you have been looking for a job, you might have heard that HVAC technicians have great jobs and that they make plenty of money. Since these are probably two things that you are highly interested in when it comes to finding a new career, you might be interested in becoming an HVAC technician yourself. However, you might be wondering what types of things you will have to do in this position.

First of all, you can expect More…

How Long Does HVAC Training Usually Take?

Posted by – March 22, 2013

HVAC training can take anywhere from one to five years to complete. Those who spend longer in training usually earn more pay. For example, some people train through an apprenticeship for several years. Completing a training program is the only way to gain certification. During their time in training, HVAC technicians receive hands-on experience. In fact, they learn how to install, maintain and repair heating and cooling systems.

Most schools that offer HVAC training have a certificate program that takes one year or less to complete. While in a More…

Getting a Job in HVAC

Posted by – January 31, 2012

If you’ve been working towards a license in the HVAC industry you know it’s tough. When you graduate classes you’re going to need some real world experience and you can’t just get it anywhere. Here are a few ideas for finding the right fit once you’re done with school:
Get Online: Check local listings using your to find out who’s hiring in your area. Technical job boards have posting for factories as well as manufacturers and you can find some smaller shops, too.
Talk to People: Go door to door, literally. No, not to clients but to actual firms you may want to work for. Introduce yourself and talk up your skill set – perhaps you can land a part time job or an apprenticeship to help you get to the next level.
Take a Job: If all else fails, take a job in a tangently related field. Whether it’s contracting or home building you can get some extra experience in other areas and hopefully transition to fulltime HVAC once you build up your clientele and make some industry connections.

How To Get Financial Assistance For Your HVAC Training

Posted by – October 16, 2011

Heating an ventilation is an excellent field to get into for someone who is looking for a stable job. Companies and customers are constantly looking for HVAC technicians to either install units, diagnose units, or repair units. of course there are no guarantees in life but by taking HVAC courses and getting certification, a person is increasing his or her chances of obtaining work shortly after graduating from the class.

Depending on one’s individual circumstances, he or she may be able to obtain funding for going to school for HVAC. For example, in some states the department More…

Different Types Of HVAC Training And Courses

Posted by – October 12, 2011

If you are like many other people and want to learn about the possibilities of starting a new career, there is a very good chance that you might like to look at HVAC training courses which are available in your local area. These courses are pretty easy to get started on and they are usually offered in places like community colleges as part of a non-degree certification course. They are usually reasonably priced and the courses are typically pretty short. A person could complete More…

Careers You Can Get With HVAC Training

Posted by – October 9, 2011

HVAC or heating, ventilation and air conditioning technicians are highly skilled specialists. The technicians are responsible for the maintenance, repair and installation of heating and air conditioning units. Technicians can specialize in certain areas such as installation or servicing and repair. Every geographical area of the country has the need for qualified technicians. Many service technicians after completing their training go to work for a HVAC servicing company.

Educational institutions along with medical facilities have the need for HVAC technicians on their maintenance staff. Individuals with the proper licensing and business permits can start their own service company. Retail businesses More…

The Top Ten Best HVAC Learning Institutes

Posted by – October 5, 2011

Many individuals are interested in the HVAC career field. The HVAC career field is learning to work with heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Certification in this career field can be earned at a technical or trade school. There are many schools to get HVAC training. Some are trade schools and community colleges that provide training in this field. The top 10 HVAC learning institutes are:
1. Everest Institute
There are locations in Florida, Georgia and Texas
2. Technical Career Institute
School located on New York.
3. ATI Technical Institute
Campus is in Texas.
4. Institute of More…